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Health grade centrifugal pump

Health grade centrifugal pump

  • Stable quality: whole-process quality control, meticulous and comprehensive testing to ensure product quality!
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Appl ication

      Huayun pump is applicable in conveying all  kinds of liquid Material in the industries of dairy,beer,beverage,pharmaceutical And chemistry. it conveys not only normal ion or middle viscous Solutions but also suspension and corrosive fluids sanitary

      Huayun pump has types of single state,single suction and Open-styledimpeller. with its elaborate design in shell and impeller, Resistance is reduced and unhygienic dead angle is thoroughly Eliminated due to its special structure the liquid flow speed in the Pump is promoted to its whole performance, also it has an easy Access for cleaning which presents its outstanding sanitary Features, it meets the product gentle treatment require-ments as Well as anti-chemical-corrosive character.


Performance technical parameters

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