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FYS and FY corrosion resistant fluoroplastic submerged pump

FYS and FY corrosion resistant fluoroplastic submerged pump

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     FYS and FY type corrosion-resistant vertical submerged pump is a single-stage single suction long shaft submerged pump. Its technical specifications adopt ISO9001 standard. It has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, good energy saving effect and reliable operation. It is suitable for conveying corrosive medium without solid particles and abrasives.
1、FYS type fluoroplastic submerged pump, the main shaft is totally enclosed and plastic coated, the mechanical seal is ceramic and tetrafluoro graphite grinding, the pump body, impeller and back cover adopt the set mold, the impeller is left-hand thread rotation sealed on the pump shaft, the conveying medium does not contact with any metal.
2、The submerged part of the stainless steel submerged pump is made of stainless steel. Users should be careful when selecting materials. For example, chemical medium such us sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid with corrosive effect on stainless steel,please consult us before use.
    The working pressure of the pump is designed as 1.6Mpa.
Performance range of pump: flow is 1.6~1600m³ / h, head is 5 ~80m
Model meaning
100     FY      S  -  50
100:Suction diameter(mm)
FY:Series code name
S:Material code name:P、F:plastic  fluoroplastics   B:Stainless steel
50:Rated head of impeller without cutting (m)
FYS is similar to FY
When starting the FYS type corrosion-resistant plastic submerged pump, the liquid level must be higher than the center line of the impeller.
The materials contacted liquid by FYS and FY type corrosion-resistant submerged pump are as follows:

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