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Inline mixers

Inline mixers

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    The high shear inline mixers working chamber is equipped with one set, two sets or sets of rotating stators, there are end suction ceilings and horizontal cantilever structures. Each level is two to six layers, and is composed of primary, secondary or three stage high speed rotating stators. The motor and the working head are elastically connected. The bearing can be greased or lubricated, it is easy to disassemble and install, and the cost of replacement parts is low. The double-faced mechanical seal is used. The applicable temperature is -20—140 degree celsius, and the temperature range needs to be customized.
working process
       1. The high shear inline mixers is a high performance equipment for continuous production or recycling of fine materials. There are 1-3 sets of stator and rotor equipped in the chamber, it generates very strong axial suction power to draw materials into the chamber when the rotor runs.
       2. After materials enter the chamber, it is quickly dispersed, homogenized and emulsified, and equably mixed.



Model Composition
H II C 405-4
H:Company Code
C:Product Category
405:Product Number
4:Driving Power
(Note: Product category: C single-level six-story horizontal D second-level six-tier bracket type E three-level six-tier bracket type)
Mixture of Liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and gas-liquid, coatings, paints, food, metal oxide suspension, oil-water mixture, accelerate reaction, nanoscale chemicals, etc.
Work Advantage
    1.Large processing capacity, suitable for continuous online industrial production
    2.High uniformity
    3.Time-saving, energy-saving, high efficiency
    4.Lower noise, stable operation
    5.High quality consistency
    6.100% of materials are processed
    7.Materials can be recycling processed and transferred
    8.Simple operation, easy maintenance
9.Automatic control is optional
Fat emulsion, vaccine, injection, antibiotics, medicated lotion, microcapsule emulsification, cell disruption, tissue homogenate, microspheres, etc.
2.Daily Product
Face cream, shower gel, shampoo, cream, skin lotion, make-up, cleansers, soap, daily fragrance, etc.
3.The food Industry
Liquid milk, milk drinks, dairy products, juices, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, ice cream, jelly, pudding, chocolate, soy milk, beer, seasonings, food additives, etc.
Lubricants, heavy oil, diesel, asphalt, coal water slurry, catalysts, etc.
5.New energy
Lithium battery, lead acid battery, super capacitors, photovoltaic cells, etc
6.Textile Additives
Dyestuff, silicone, pastes, leveling agents, fabric finishing agents, brighteners, leather additives, etc.
7.Chemical Fiber
Slurry, spandex, kevlar, filament, staple, microfiber, viscose, high strength fiber, acrylic, etc.
8.Paints and inks
Printing inks, latex paints, architectural coatings, nano-coatings, coating additives, glaze, bentonite, pigments, etc.
Water emlsion, suspensions, microcapsules, seed coating agents, pesticide additives, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.
Fumed silica, ultra-fine titanium dioxide and ultra-fine alumina, etc.
Pulping, rosin dispersion, papermaking aids, rosin resin emulsification, paraffin emulsification, etc.
12.Fine Chemicals
Plastic additives, seasoning dispersion, adhesives, sealants, glues, surfactants, anti-sticking agent, fluorine cleaning agent, pigment paste, fungicides, flocculants, coagulants,
silicon cleaning agents, lighting materials, etc.
13.Reaction Extraction
On-line reaction, micro reaction, on-line extraction, macromolecular synthesis, polymerization reaction, ultra-pure reaction, solid-liquid reaction, gas-liquid reaction, multi-phase reaction, etc.

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