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UHB-ZK corrosion resistant and wear resistant lining mortar

UHB-ZK corrosion resistant and wear resistant lining mortar

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       UHB series pump is a single-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump, and the flow-through part is made of steel lined with UHMWPE. This material is a new generation of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant engineering plastics for pumps in the world. Its most outstanding advantages are excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance (especially low temperature impact resistance), creep resistance (environmental stress cracking resistance) and excellent corrosion resistance.
        The remarkable features of the product are: multi-function, the pump can adapt to various working conditions, such as conveying acid, alkaline clear liquid or slurry; various corrosive slurry in smelting industry; various dilute acids in sulfuric acid industry; various sewage in environmental protection industry, etc. The pump is not only corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, but also widely used.
       The pump has been used for a long time in delivery of acid pulp and dilute acid in more than 40 large non-ferrous smelting and sulfuric acid enterprises such as Shandong Linyi Coking Plant, Jiangxi Guixi Smelter and Nanhua Group. Its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sealing reliability and service life have been highly evaluated.
Main technical description
1. Model:UHB-ZK series
2. Features: corrosion resistance and wear resistance, one pump for multiple purposes, applicable to acid and alkali clear liquid slurry.
(1) The pump body is steel lined with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, and the lining thickness is 8-20mm.
(2) Impellers are divided into open and closed type,which can be selected according to the medium conditions.
(3) Seal: K-type power seal.
4.Applicable medium: sulfuric acid with concentration below 80% and nitric acid with concentration below 50%. Hydrochloric acid and liquid alkali with various concentrations,it is applicable to both clear liquid and slurry.
5. Main technical parameters: service temperature - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ (for special requirements and using modified materials, it can be increased to 105 ℃), inlet diameter Φ 32mm ~ Φ 250mm, flow 5 ~ 600m3 / h, and head within 50m.
6. Special warning: it is strictly prohibited to reverse, so as to make the impeller cap fall off. It is strictly forbidden to operate without liquid, which will damage the dynamic seal.
Extremely wide range of use

1. Phosphate sulfate industry: transportation of dilute acid, mother liquor, sewage, sea water, silicofluoric acid containing silica gel, phosphoric acid slurry and other medium.
2. Non ferrous metal smelting industry: it is especially suitable for the transportation of various kinds of acid, corrosive pulp, slurry (with filter press) electrolyte, sewage and other medium  during hydrometallurgy of lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt,rare earth,etc.
3. Chemical and other enterprises: Clear liquid or slurry of various sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkali and oil.
4. Chlor alkali industry: hydrochloric acid, liquid alkali, electrolyte, etc.
5.Water treatment industry: pure water, high-purity water, sewage (leather sewage, electroplating sewage, electronic sewage, paper sewage, textile sewage, food sewage, domestic sewage, pharmaceutical sewage, etc.).
6.Iron and steel enterprises: sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid of pickling system, sewage with impurities.
7. Matching wet desulfurization dust remover: it can be applied to alkaline, acid and corrosive medium at the same time.
Model meaning
50     UHB   -  ZK  -  20    -   30  
50 :Head(m)
ZK:Z impurity mortar, K-type dynamic seal
20:UHMWPE pump code
30:Diameter of pump inlet

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