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plastic chemical centrifugal pump

plastic chemical centrifugal pump

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The IHF series centrifugal pump is designed according to international standards. The pump body is made of metal shell with fluorine plastic. The impeller and the pump cover are made of metal inserts and fluoroplastic alloy. The shaft seal is made of advanced external bellows mechanical seal. The static ring uses 99.9% alumina ceramics, and the moving ring uses PTFE filling material (or other materials according to the user's special working conditions), which is characterized by good corrosion resistance,wear resistance and good sealing .
Widely used in: acid washing and painting process in automobile manufacturing; electrolyte
transportation in non-ferrous metal smelting; process of chlorine water, wastewater treatment
and acid addition in ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project.

Model meaning
IH    F   50  -   32   200    A
IH:International standard chemical pump series products
F :Material of pump flow-through components  
50:Pump inlet diameter  
32:Pump outlet diameter
200 :Nominal diameter of impeller
A:First cutting of impeller outer diameter

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