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Product introduction

        A special rubber hose corresponds to a pair of rollers on the rotor bearing in the pump chamber. When the roller rotates along the hose, the pressure produced by the pressure roller and the pump casing and squashes the hose. Under the functions of elasticity and side board, the fluidis sucked in by the vacuum generated by restoring the original state, and the fluid is discharged from the tube under the mechanical squeeze of
the pressure roller, and reciprocating in this way, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous output of materials.
       The hose pump is mainly composed of 5 parts: pump casing, rollers , reducer, frame and hose. The durability of the pump is mainly determined by the elasticity and corrosion resistance of the pipe, and its flow is related to the speed of the motor and the inner diameter of the pipe.


1. Convey high viscosity, high solid content, impurities, particles, avoid shearing, corrosive, abrasive, crystal, and other materials;
2. No need for pump priming, one-way valve, sealing system;
3. Can rotate dry and reverse;
4. Suitable for continuous use under 1.2Mpa working pressure, the maximum outlet pressure can reach 1.6Mpa;
5. The pressure roller adopts rolling friction, and the pump cavity does not need to be oiled;
6. Simple hose assembly, simple installation and maintenance, low maintenance cost and simple operation;
7. The flow can be adjusted linearly and has a certain measurement function;
8. It will not cause any blockage in the transportation of fluid with high viscosity and impurities;
9. The pump has a long service life, high head and high pressure at the pump port.
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