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Peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump

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Introduction of peristaltic pump       
The peristaltic pump series is a new type of multi-functional and multi-purpose industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. The pump has the characteristics of no seal, no leakage, strong self-priming ability, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance. Suitable for conveying a variety of viscosity, density, corrosive, abrasive fluid materials. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, water treatment and mining, gold smelting, medicine, ceramics, paper and other industries.
Product working principle
   The transmission drives the rotor to rotate, and the two pressure rollers distributed on the rotor at 180° continuously roll along the hose in the peristaltic pump casing to crush the hose, under the force of its own elasticity and side guide, the tube is restored to its original state. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the tube to suck the material into the lumen, and the fluid entering the lumen is discharged from the tube under the accompanying pressure, so that the material is continuously sucked in and discharged.
Product information table
     The series product flow rate is 2.5m 3 / h ~40 m 3 / h , the transmission power is 2. 2~1 5 k w , and the single-tube type and three-tube type pump can be designed according to customer needs. The temperature of the hose is generally below 80 °C. If the temperature of the material exceeds 80 °C, please specify when ordering, so that the hose can be made of suitable materials.
1.Except for the pump tube, the fluid does not contact with any part of the pump.
2.No seams, nowhere to leak fluid.
3.No valve required.
4.Self-infusion capacity (the suction head of some models reaches 30 feet (8. 8 meters))
5.Can transport liquids, gases, solids, or multiphase mixtures.
6.A complete pump tube can be used from the inlet to the outlet.
7.Some pump tubing materials can withstand high temperature sterilization.
8.Easy to clean after use, saving time and eliminating the accumulation of debris or bacteria.
9.Quickly change the product, just replace the pump tube to avoid cross infection.
10.Can be used anywhere(insensitive to direction).
11.The flow adjustment range is large.
12.There are many types of pump tubing available.
13.There are many types of drives/motors to choose from.
14.Easy to repair.
15.There are no need for too many spare parts.
16.Can be applied to multi-channel pumping applications.

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